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About Recording Services

“The quality of the product, combined with the professional demeanor of everyone associated with Soundwaves, creates a truly enjoyable working relationship.”
Nancy Ditmer, The College of Wooster

Soundwaves Recording specializes in on-location, high quality audio and video recording and CD and DVD production.  Schools, churches, and community groups have used our service for over twenty years to help their bands, choirs, and orchestras produce CDs for their members and patrons. Please visit the pages below to learn about our recording programs and pricing. Email Tom Sarago anytime with any questions you may have or click here to schedule your recording!

CD and DVD Recording Programs available in: Connecticut, Eastern Illinois, Michigan,   Northern Kentucky, Ohio, Rhode Island, Washington and Western Pennsylvania.

 We record music conferences anywhere.


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We bring the studio to you!

Soundwaves combines premium quality microphones, mic techniques, digital audio equipment, and many years of recording experience to make “True Live™” stereo or multi-track recordings of your group on location. Each piece is individually edited, mixed and mastered in our studios and packaged in full color. We digitally place your group in an acoustic environment (virtual concert hall) best suited to your music. Our DVDs use the same high-quality audio recordings combined with our four-camera high-definition  system. Your recordings will be articulate and pristine after being recorded conveniently in your rehearsal space, auditorium, gymnatorium, or cafenasium!

Available in: Ohio, Michigan, western Pennsylvania, eastern Illinois, Indiana, Washington, Connecticut and Rhode Island. We record music conferences anywhere.

If you are making your own recording see our DIY Recording program 

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