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Copyright Services

 I loved everything about the sound and the packaging ...and no hassles with the licensing.”

Kate Philabaum, Perrysburg High School Choirs

On Location Recording Program

Soundwaves will process the paperwork and pay all fees involved in obtaining the mechanical licenses legally required for all copyrighted material on your CD. This includes the paperwork associated with applying for and obtaining the mechanical licenses as well as paying for them.  

We ask that you simply provide the names of the composer, arranger and publisher for each piece being recorded (except for pieces in the “public domain”).

CD and DVD Production Program

If you are making your own recording, Soundwaves will take care of applying for and obtaining mechanical licenses for your when we duplicate your CDs. For most packages only the actual cost of the licenses is billed (which is currently $.091 per musical piece, per copy.)

Even the major CD duplication companies do not take care of the copyright licensing process for you. (You are asked, instead, to sign a waiver stating that you are legally responsible for obtaining mechanical licenses for copyrighted material on your CDs.)

To read about the legal requirements for the mechanical licenses for copyrighted materials click here or go to NAfME's copyright services page.