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CD/DVD Production

cd-dvd-production-mini.jpg“We just received our DVDs and CDs. They look great! Thank you again for your speedy excellent work.”
Judy Fowls, Zanesville High School Choral Director

CD and DVD production for the recordings you make!

We can finish the project you start! If you are doing your own recording or record in-house, our production packages can take care of the rest and have your album ready for retail and fundraising. Production packages include 3 hours of graphic design, typesetting and layout, packaging and duplication, and the processing of copyright licenses. We can also "master" your recordings to make them sound even better. See packaging options here or email us mail@soundwaves.org anytime to to discuss your project. We can also talk to you about how to make better recordings with the equipment you have.

CD Production Packages and Pricing

DVD Production Packages and Pricing  

Copyright Services   

DIY recording tips direct from our experienced engineers!  

  • Set up your group  facing the longest portion of the room. (Concert halls are longer than they are wide so that the sound moves through the longest possible area before it bounces!)

  • When budgeting for recording equipment, the single most important component for you to purchase is the microphone--regardless of what type of recording machine you are using.  The bulk of the allocation should be spent on two high quality condenser mics and tall (minimum 10 ft.) mic stands. 

  • Before recording turn off any blowers or noisy air units, put up signs on the band/choir room doors to make sure you have no interruptions, and be aware of any school bells that may be going off.

  • When you are recording, allow several seconds of quiet before each piece. If you are recording a concert, allow for complete audience applause afterwards. (We can edit the "tops and tails" for you afterwards.)

  • While recording, make sure to keep your levels as high as possible, WITHOUT OVERLOADING.

  • Please contact our offices directly at 419-433-4918 or email anytime for more pointers! mail@soundwaves.org