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CD Sales Contest



Free Recording and Production of your performance when your group sells 75 CDs or more.

When your group sells 100 or more CDs you start making a profit!

To help you reach your goals and to raise funds for your music program or group Soundwaves offers the CD Sales Contest. Unlike other fundraisers, participants need only to sell several CDs each to start raising funds.  


Contest guidelines and prizes:

  •  Soundwaves will provide an easy-to-use Contest  Order Form for participants to record their sales. (Participants collect the money when they take orders and turn it in with their order form when finished)
  •  The top three participants who sell five or more CDs receive a $20 cash prize.
  •  CD sales start on the day the Director hands out the sales forms and ends when the Order Forms are collected.
  •  Once complete, Soundwaves will send the CDs to your group and participants can use their Order From to fulfill the orders.
  •  Director need only give Soundwaves the winners’ names. We will send cash award checks to the Director for distribution