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Copyright Issues

When you record with Soundwaves, we apply, obtain, and pay for the mechanical licences legally required for all copyrighted material on your CD/MP3/DVD/MP4.

Mechanical and Synchronization Licenses for Copyrighted Materials:
If you are making recordings be aware that you are legally allowed to make only one copy for use in the classroom without being required to obtain and pay copyright license fees. If you plan to duplicate CD/MP3/DVD/MP4s  for your students, it is necessary for you to obtain and pay mechanical license fees(for audio-only recordings and synchronization licenses for audio-video recordings to the copyright holder of each piece you record.

What if I am a non-profit organization or I am selling the CDs at my cost?Giving the recordings away, being a non-profit organization, not making any profit on the recording project, or not selling to the general public are not exceptions to the law. Mechanical Licenses must still be filed and paid.

For additional legal information please visit NAfME's copyright services page.