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Recording Program for Conferences

"The Southern Division ACDA was THRILLED with the quality of work provided by SOUNDWAVES at our Division Conference!  They are a wonderful company to work with and I would highly recommend them to anyone needing recording services." Tom Shelton, President ACDA Southern.

"The DVD was so utterly fantastic, not a kid missed!" Parent of an ASTA All-National Orchestra performer

Music education organizations have used our service for over 29 years to help their bands, choirs, and orchestras produce high-quality CD/MP3s and multi-camera DVD/MP4s for their members and patrons. We have been fortunate to work with some of the best music education organizations around the country. Contact us for references or browse music conference recordings here

Soundwaves handles all aspects of the conference recording project including: order stations, recording, mixing, mastering, production, licensing, shipping, billing, collections, and profit sharing. We send order forms beforehand and take orders the day-of, shipping the recordings to patrons within 4-12 weeks. Complimentary recordings for all participating directors. 

Premium Audio: Soundwaves combines premium quality microphones and mic techniques, digital audio equipment, and many years of recording experience to make “True Live™” stereo or multi-track recordings of your performances. Each piece is then individually edited, mixed and mastered in our studios and packaged in full color. Don’t worry if your venue acoustics aren’t the best. During the mixing and mastering process, we digitally place your group in an acoustic environment or a virtual concert hall best suited to your music. Your recording will sound articulate and pristine!

Premium Video: Soundwaves Video recording capabilities will capture and help you remember all of the original excitement surrounding a live performance. Our video systems are robust and versatile enough to record the performance from multiple angles using the latest digital HD camera technology. We are able to get unique perspectives from individual musicians to full orchestras and ensembles, all from a single control point and with a single engineer, saving you time and money!  Our video products are edited to DVD/MP4 with a full navigation menu.

Highlights of our recording package:

Music Conferences and Organizations we work with regularly:

  • ACDA (American Choral Directors Association)
  • NAfME (National Association for Music Educators)
  • ASTA (American String Teachers Association)
  • Numerous Local, Regional and State-level organizations 

Sample album artwork

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Please contact us through email with your festival or conference recording inquiry.